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Campfire Recipes & Helpful Camping Tips

Do you have a campfire recipe or helpful camping tip you would like to share? Please send it to info@crazyhorsewi.com and we will post in on this page and on our facebook page with your name for credit.

Campfire recipes

Steve R. Dump 2 cans of stew in a dutch oven and cover with canned biscuits. Place in coals with some coals on lid. Check every few minutes till biscuits are olden. Love it!!!


* Personal portion of ground beef
* Carrots
* Onions
* Potatoes
* Any other Vegetable – (Mushrooms…mmmm)
* Salt
* Pepper
* Your Own Personal blend of seasonings…
* HEAVY DUTY Aluminum Foil
* Optional olive oil or butter
1. Put the ground beef in the center of a good sized piece of foil and season it with your choice of seasoning.
2. Add the vegetables and season them.
3. If you are adding olive oil or butter, add it in now also.
4. Wrap the whole thing tight in the HEAVY DUTY aluminum foil.
5. Wrap it up with two more layers making three layers to protect it from burning.
6. Let your campfire get down to where it is mostly just hot coals.
7. Place the package in the coals for about an hour or so, turning it often.
8. Remove from fire and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes.
9. Open and enjoy…
We usually make these up before we go and keep them in the cooler or fridge in the camper, it’s easier that way.
Save your toilet paper roll cores, dryer lint, and newspapers.
1. Fill the TP cores with dryer lint about 1/2 to 3/4 full of dryer lint.
2. Place the filled roll in the corner of a sheet of newspaper and roll it up.
3. Stuff the ends of the rolled paper into the space left in the TP Roll.
4. There you have it – FREE FIRE STARTERS
You can also melt down paraffin or old candle wax, and pour a little into the roll after you fill it completely with lint. Then cut them into smaller chunks, there is then no need for the newspaper but they aren’t FREE that way.
Submitted by: Christopher Coleman

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